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This is the cyberspace to help you learn and grow; and we connect you to the world of possibilities. We may all learn to access it; it is free and readily available. We can learn to unlock the doors to this wealth of resources, and make good use of it as we tackle our daily encounters and challenges. I warmly invite you to join in and explore. A life well lived is your best success. And please allow us to show you how.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching equips you with the thinking, attitude, and skills that are much needed in modern day life to maintain focus, emotional balance and well-being. It is about taking you on a journey to discovering, manifesting and fulfilling the potential that you possess from within, and achieving goals that were beyond your own expectation.

How is coaching different from clinical counseling?

Coaching focuses on your current life experiences, looking at moving forward from where you are to where you want to be, with an emphasis on goal setting and actions to take. Counseling is often based on your past experiences, and it aims at resolving a particular issue or problem.

In a coaching relationship, YOU ARE the expert of your own life, while your coach partners with you, facilitates and holds you accountable, supports and motivates you in fulfilling those accomplishments. A counselor would provide you with information on the areas and issues of your concern, and work with you to resolve them.

What does AmazingGrace offer?

We offer a FREE 60-minute trial session!  Let TODAY be the day you act to change your life.  Call us!

At AmazingGrace, you will discover your true potential; finding definitions to your life goals or dreams; making action plans, and setting targets. Grace's approach aims at supporting and guiding you through exploring your inner resources. Over time, she will hold you accountable in fulfilling those actions and targets, and encourage you to accomplish your goals and dreams.

The process of coaching will also enable you to identify blockages and issues in your current life, through applying the use of tools and making positive changes, you get to boldly move forward with confidence and reassurance.

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